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Why I love git

Just a short technical reminder: after committing changes on the master branch (I use the well-known “successful git branching model“), I found out they belonged into the develop branch. Being somewhat hectic, I ran the classical git reset --hard HEAD^ without second thoughts, then switched to the ‘develop’ branch… git checkout develop to find out not only my changes had been smashed but my previous commit as well (as expected). Yet I didn’t want to lose that last commit from the “master” branch, I just wanted to apply it to “develop”. I turned to StackOverflow and found the solution: git reflog displays all previous commits along with their SHA1 sums [...]
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Raspfr : aPiro #4 ce soir à Metz

Bonjour à tous ! L'association RaspFR, association francophone du Raspberry Pi, organise ce soir son quatrième aPiro à Metz ! L'aPiro est une petite réunion informelle autour d’un apéritif ou de quelqu’autre prétexte, pour échanger entre nous, faire connaissance, et faciliter les échanges. Rien de bien compliqué, ni de trop grand, juste un petit événement, pour lier la communauté et se rencontrer. Au programme : Réalisation d'un Timelaspe à l'aide du Raspberry Pi Simuler un feu tricolore Relever des températures à l'aide d'une sonde DS18B20 Ces 3 ateliers permettront ainsi d'apprendre à se servir du Raspberry Pi avec des exemples simples et compréhensibles. Chaque atelier aura son propre raspberry pi avec écran et clavier (et matériel [...]
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Analyze the content of a PDF file

A friend of mine was tasked with spotting English words from yearly reports of various german companies. These reports are freely downloadable as PDF documents. Under Linux (and maybe OSX?), one would need nothing more than two one-liners: the first to extract the text and save it as a basic text file (I found it by searching for “linux analyze the content of a pdf file“)… pdftotext -layout filename.pdf filename.txt …and a wee bit of Perl magic to count the occurrence of every word then save it to another file (I found it by searching for “perl list words in file and count“)… perl -nle "print for [...]
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Encrypt and upgrade your device with CyanogenMod

If you’re slightly paranoid about data privacy on your smartphone, you may have heard that Android can encrypt your device since 4.0. As I am doubly paranoid, I also use the community driven version of Android, CyanogenMod, as my operating system. Encrypt your phone Go to Settings > Security > Encryption > Encrypt phone Type in a password and let your phone apply the magic for the best part of an hour (if you have a lot of data). After the reboot, you will be asked to enter your password. Please note that you have to choose a screen lock method: either a 4 to 8 digits pin or a longer passphrase. Accessibility or security? To encrypt your phone, you must provide a strong password. You’d better choose a long one, then. But Android doesn’t allow you to unlock your [...]
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RaspFR : Une association ? On a besoin de vous !

Ça fait un petit moment que j'avais pas parlé ici ! Et pour cause, beaucoup de boulot. Je sais, c'est inexcusable. Mais aujourd'hui, on va parler de RaspFR. Vous vous souvenez, nous avons lancé il y a quelques mois Raspfr, qui se veut être un groupement d'utilisateurs lié au Raspberry Pi ! Allez, place à la comm' : Comme vous le savez, RaspFR a été lancé par 4 personnes. Et aujourd'hui, c'est 3 choses : Un planet, accessible via Un forum ouvert à tous, sur Et, récemment installé, un Wiki, sur Mais nous souhaitons aller plus loin : nous souhaitons dépasser ce stade de "communauté de l'Internet". Depuis le début de la création du forum, nous voulons créer une association.  [...]
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The painful german articles

Every noun has a gender, and there is no sense or system in the distribution; so the gender of each must be learned separately and by heart. There is no other way. To do this one has to have a memory like a memorandum-book. - Mark Twain: The Awful German Language As dreadful as it sounds, there is no magic rule to guess the gender of a noun. As you will need it in every sentence (more informations in next week’s course), you must learn them. These few rules help me infer them though: Feminine: -ei, -heit, -ik, -keit, -schaft, -tät, -tion, -ung Masculine: -ig, -smus, -ling, -or Neutral: -chen, -le, -ma, -ment, -tum, -um For words that don’t match these patterns and that aren’t alreadly gender-bent (der Tänzer, die [...]
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Irregular verbs

Yep, irregular verbs. As lazy as I am, I quickly realized I couldn’t afford to avoid them. These verbs are irregular because of their intensive use. As they will frequently pop up in conversations, they make for an excellent vocabular basis for lazy people! One trick: they are extremely close to their english equivalents, so learning them should be less painful than you thought! E.g.: find, found, found - finden, fand, gefunden come came come - kommen, kam, gekommen 2 important tips: Once you know the declination of the root verb, its variations behave similarly: sprechen, besprechen, versprechen, ansprechen, …    kommen, bekommen, ankommen, … Nouns derived from irregular verbs are often masculine:    der Vertrieb, der Lauf, der Aufstand, der Schlaf, der Flug, der [...]
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Unseparable prefix for verbs

In the participle form, most regular german verbs take the prefix ge-, e.g.:

English: love becomes loved

German: lieben turns into geliebt

However, verbs starting with the following 8 prefixes only take the -t suffix:

Be- Emp- Ent- Er- Ge- Miss- Ver- Zer-

E.g.: begeistern turns into begeistert, missachten becomes missachtet

A french sentence helps me remember them:

Zer- Be- Er Ge- Miss- Ent- Emp- Ver- becomes “Cerbère, j’ai mis en enfer.” (I put Cerberos in Hell)

Find your own trick to remember these eight prefixes and try to spot them in your daily routine!

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German for lazy people

Hi everyone,

I promised to share some insights on the german language with you, especially a few tricks that made my life a lot easier. I expect you to have a basic understanding of the german grammar and vocabular to apply the tricks I’m describing. At first, there will only be tricks, probably without much context. I will try to create a more structured course around these after a while.

I will stick to one update a week. There will be only a few informations at the beginning, as I have a very tight schedule during the week.

Feel free to ask for precisions and to send me your remarks, critics and appreciations!

This “course” is only meant for you at the moment, so I really need your feedback to improve it!

There you go: German for lazy people

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DNS sous Bind : Ran out of space

Ce matin, je me suis heurté à ce soucis en ajoutant 3 IP à mon champ TXT SPF :

Jul 25 11:44:47 dns named[14344]: dns_rdata_fromtext: /etc/bind/zones/ ran out of space

Après une petite recherche, j'ai découvert qu'on ne pouvait pas mettre de valeur de plus de 255 caractères... Il faut donc séparer votre entrée TXT comme ceci :

IN TXT "valeur" "valeur2"

Un petit exemple :

60      IN      TXT     "v=spf1 ip4:X.X.X.X ip4:X.X.X.X ip4:X.X.X.X ip4:X.X.X.X ip4:X.X.X.X ip4:X.X.X.X ip4:X.X.X.X ip4:X.X.X.X ip4:X.X.X.X " "ip4:X.X.X. ip4:X.X.X.X ip4:X.X.X.X ip4:X.X.X.X -all"
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